Saturday, September 21, 2013

Halloween crafts

Creepy bookmarks.
You can make these spooktacular bookmarks for you or your kids.I am sure you have all the
materials at home like empty cardboard boxes ,markers,tape and scissors.
Here are the instructions :

First,make a easy drawing of ugly fingers with long nails. Copy it to a piece of tissue paper and
transfer it to the cardboard box.

Trace fine lines and start to color the fingers.

I like black sharpie, and I like to make my outlines dark.

Use a ruler to make the shape of the bookmark and cut off around the fingers image.

Attach them behind with a little piece of tape to the bookmark .

You are done !! You have a boo tiful bookmark.

You can be versatile and try some spooky hands.

Zombie teeth bookmark.

Spooky hand

Halloween bookmarks. Do you like them??
; )

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